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Sunshine State was always destined to become a solar powerhouse, but Florida, including our own little piece of sunny paradise here in South Florida, has historically lagged behind. Now, that’s all about to change as every couple of minutes, a household in the US switches to solar power, and all hurdles and costs fall. Solar power is more sophisticated than you thought now with combinations of off grid, storage, and grid-tie all available to those who want to reap the harvest of the sun. All Phase Solar of South Florida will help you select the right combination so that you can tap into the most sustainable, clean power system on earth. For that the planet will thank you, your kids will thank you, and your customers will thank you. The only downside is that you may have to say goodbye to that Christmas card from the utilities companies because all they will see is your bills tumbling as you produce your own power for free. An entire year’s energy consumption can be met by the sun in a single day. Now you can tap into that power. Tower Solar team will talk to you about how easy it is to install solar panels, make the most of tax breaks, and slash those power bills.


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If there was ever a state that was just made to be a solar power power house it had to be the Sunshine State but Florida, even our own little slice of sunny paradise down here in South Florida, has traditionally not been a leader. Well that’s about to change as a new household converts to solar power in the US every couple of minutes and costs and hurdles are all coming crashing down.

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If you are lucky enough to live in South Florida, then you love the sun too, but it’s time to get more out of it than just a tan. Besides panels, we also provide renovation services. We discuss with our customers their power usage, curbside appeal requirements, building exposure, elevation, and power generation potential.  We explain the costs and the savings of each of any number of combinations of power systems including off grid and grid-tie.  Then we can get to work to build a better future, but for all that to happen first you need to contact us.  So contact today. Tower Solar would like to assist you in all solar energy based request.

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Since 2005, the federal government has incentivized homeowners to switch to solar through the solar investment tax credit (ITC), also known as the federal solar tax credit. The rate of this credit has fluctuated over the years, but currently lets homeowners claim 30% of their total solar system installation costs as a deduction on their federal taxes. The ITC will decrease to 26% in 2033 and drop to 22% in 2034. It will end in 2035 unless Congress renews it.